Dream Linen Bedding is the Hospitality Linen section of Dream Linen Pvt Ltd. Dream Linen Pvt Ltd originally commenced trading in 2010 under the name of Dream Linen bedding by supplying 100% cotton white bed linen and bath towels to the hotels in Sri Lanka. Since then Dream Linen Pvt Ltd become one of the main linen supplier in Sri Lankan hospitality sector with the Best Quality linen for the best affordable price.

Our key is the Quality of the material we import from our diverse and well established raw material suppliers around the world. Our well experienced staff design and produce a truly world class solution for you in Sri Lanka. Our leading edge products can be found in hotel establishments ranging from prestigious luxury hotels to small country hotels to the economy sector. All our products are designed, quality assured and cared for by our well experienced in-house team.This gives us the opportunity to impose the highest levels of quality control at all levels of production and the ability to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

If you are in any of the Hospitality industries, our Bath & Bed products range can guranteed to give your customers the best comfort during their stay. We makesure we source the best quality material from around the world to manufacturer our luxurious products while maintaing an effective price for you.

Our products range from Duvets, Duvet covers, Flat Sheets, Pillows, Pillow cases and everything you need for a comfortable luxury sleep to all the Towels you need in the bath room.

– Our Mission –

“We always want our clients to get the best quality material for their luxurious hotel. With that in mind we carefully selected our material suppliers and use Single Ply Yarn linen to add a distinct aesthetic to our products. We specifically selected single ply yarns as it provides a softer overall feel than multi ply yarns in all our cotton products”